How can i give at lbc?

Giving financially to the Lord is a matter of the heart and an act of worship. Whether you prefer giving through cash or check in the plates that are passed during a worship service, through automatic withdrawal or one-time gifts that are set up online, or by texting your giving through a mobile device, each way to give offers you the ability to worship the Lord in this manner.

LBC uses Planning Center Online (our church database) and Stripe (a payment processing service) to facilitate giving

online and through mobile devices. For complete instructions, please click here to download a PDF with step-by-step

details for how to give through these methods. 

If you would like to get started giving online (either by a one-time gift or automatic withdrawal) you can click the "Give Online" button below. If you would like to give via text messaging you can do so by texting 84321 (the first time you will be asked to setup an account and to input a card number to enable giving).

Give online