rev'd up,   Sundays, 9:30-11:00 AM

All youth (grades 6-12) are invited to be a part of Rev’d Up on Sunday mornings from 9:30-11:00 AM. Each week we will:

  • Explore how we can apply God’s Word to our lives during Large Group Teaching and get charged up to go out into the week ahead.
  • Interact with friends as we discuss questions and perspectives based on our passage.
  • Enjoy time together playing games, eating light breakfast snacks, and catching up with each other in our CLC.

crossfit events

Our 2019-2020 schedule includes the following events. In addition to the events listed below,  many of our small groups get together for special activities of their own.

If the event is upcoming it will have an active link to a page where you can learn more and register (if needed).

2019-2020 CrossFit Events

August 18: CrossFit Pool Party at the Boyd home

September 15: CrossFit Youth Opening Night, 6-8 PM

September 29: CrossFit Youth, 5-7 PM

October 13: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

October 27: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

November 15-17: DiscipleNow Event

November 24: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

December 8: CrossFit Youth Christmas Party, 6-8 PM

January 12: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

January 26: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

February 9: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

February 21-23: Winter Meltdown Retreat at River Valley Ranch

March 8: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

March 22: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

April 5: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

April 19: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

May 3: CrossFit Youth, 6-8 PM

May 17: Graduation Celebration, 6:30 PM

cross training smaLL groups, sundays, 6:00-8:00

The heart of our approach is the relational ministry that takes place in small groups where God's Word is the center of discussion. Each small group is led by an adult or student leader who cares about the students in their group, and who will invest in their spiritual growth. The groups often use workbooks to guide their study and interaction. A $5 fee is requested for each workbook to offset costs. Groups either meet at LBC or in nearby homes or restaurants.

youth Ministries

"Train yourself in godliness, for the training of the body has a limited benefit, but godliness is beneficial in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come." 1 Timothy 4:7b-8 (CSB)

By God's grace, our approach to youth ministry consists of five key elements that work together to provide the kind of spiritual training described above:

5 Roles

Raising up godly young men and women in this age and culture requires a team effort. Our youth ministry team has five essential roles: (1) Elders who teach and oversee the ministry as a whole. (2) Deacons who plan, prepare, and coordinate the needs of the ministry. (3) Parents who are the primary spiritual leaders of the children God has given them. (4) Leaders who give youth spiritual coaching and mentoring as they serve in different ways. (5) Students who grow in their knowledge of and love for Christ.

4 Characteristics of Discipleship

We believe that being a disciple of Jesus Christ involves four characteristics (worship, discipleship, service, and evangelism). Everything we do attempts to provide instruction and practice in one of these characteristics to encourage all youth to grow to become like Christ.

3 Ways to Train

Training takes intentional effort. No one accidentally becomes a top athlete, scientist, or artist. We seek to train our youth through three ongoing efforts: (1) Rev'd Up - an interactive Sunday morning large group Bible study for all grades, (2) CrossFit Events - each year we hold several activities centered around the four characteristics of discipleship which include retreats, outreach, trips, and much more. (3) CrossTraining Small Groups - the heart of our approach is the relational ministry that takes place in small groups where God's Word is the center of discussion.

2 Partners

We operate with the conviction that youth ministry is best understood and carried out as the partnership between home and church. They are the only institutions called to make disciples of Christ. This is best accomplished when the two work together to disciple youth within Christian households and to reach the youth of our community.

1 Purpose

The CrossFit Spiritual Training Youth Ministries of LBC exist to help every youth become lifelong disciples of Jesus who: 

Seek the Lord in Worship.   Study the Word Together.   Serve the Body of Christ.   Share Christ with the World.

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Crossfit Youth ministries newsletters

Our newsletters are a great way to get to know us better. Clink on the link below to read our ministry newsletter.