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The word deacon means servant and the origins of that office are often traced to Acts 6:1-8. Deacons at Leonardtown Baptist Church serve in a variety of ways such as serving the Lord's Supper (or Communion), meeting needs among our congregation, and leading many of the ministry teams of the church.

This page also lists our other ministry directors and church officers.

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Sunday Morning Ministry Group

Director of Worship Arts / Kamilla Harris

Kamilla works with our praise teams, sanctuary choir, and multimedia teams to prepare all of the music and worship experiences of the church.

Deacon of Worship Support & Ordinances / Lee Sours

Lee coordinates the preparation for baptisms and communion.

Deacon of Administration / Rick McKay

Rick works with a team to draft our yearly budget, maintain our finances, and oversee personnel.

Deacon of Multimedia / Allen Campbell

Allen works with our Director of Worship Arts to support everything that takes place in our Worship Services by working with a team of sound and video operators. He also manages all of the audio/visual systems of the church.

First Impressions Ministry Director / Vicki Hammett

Vicki works with a team to ensure that all those who enter our building feel welcomed and loved.

Deacon of Church Security / Matt Toombs

Matt works with a team to provide a safe place to worship and fellowship each week.

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Discipleship Ministry Group

Deacon of Children's Discipleship / Gregg Sleppy

Gregg leads a team that serves all of our children's ministries: Sunday morning Children's Bible Fellowships, our Nursery and Junior Church ministries, as well as special events such as Camp Crossroads.

Deacon of Youth Discipleship / Jef Farren

Jef leads a team that works with students in grades 6-12, and oversees their Sunday morning and evening activities in addition to special events such as Winter Meltdown and DiscipleNow.

Elder overseeing Adult Bible Fellowships / Wayne Hetrich

Wayne leads our team of teachers that lead Adult Bible Fellowships on Sunday mornings.

Deacon of Senior Adults / Kirk Whorton

Kirk leads a team that cares for the needs of our seniors and serves our thriving Senior Adult ministry which includes Sunday morning Bible Fellowships as well as quarterly evening gatherings.

Deacon of Men's Ministry / Vacant

Our men's ministry includes small discipleship groups, breakfasts, and service projects.

Women's Ministry Director / Jen Acker

Jen oversees our women's ministry which includes small discipleship groups, seasonal Bible study groups, a seminary cohort, and other gatherings.

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Fellowship & Outreach Ministry Group

Local Outreach Ministry Director / John Fields

John leads a team that organizes special events to reach the unchurched in St. Mary's County such as our participation in W.A.R.M. (Wrapping Arms Round Many), the Living Nativity, and more.

Deacon of Benevolence / Adam Osborne

Adam works with our staff and elders to maintain and distribute our church's benevolence funds that assist those in need, both within our church body as well as those from our community.

Deacon of Church Fellowship / Shawn Healy

Shawn works with our ministry teams that provide delicious food for all of our church-wide gatherings (like our quarterly Family Gatherings or annual Church Picnic) and coordinate all of our church's recreational activities (like softball and volleyball).

Deacon Representative, Board of Directors / Matt Toombs

Matt serves as the deacon representative on the Board of Directors (consisting of this deacon, an Elder, and the Treasurer) to represent the church's interests as needed.

Library Ministry Director / Karen Osborne

Karen ensures that our church's library is well-stocked, organized, and ready to serve the needs of those looking for something good to read.

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Church Officers

Moderator / Ray Dagenhart

The Church Moderator is a layman elected annually to carry out the Parliamentary Procedure needed at all Church Business Meetings, which we call Family Gatherings.

Church Clerk / Gayle Kokolios

The Church Clerk is responsible for forms and church records, including documents for transferring, accepting, or dismissing members, as well as recording minutes at Family Gatherings and Church Council meetings.

Treasurer / Kim Rice

The Church Treasurer is responsible for the proper receipt, accounting, and disbursement of church funds within policies established by the church for adequate financial control.

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We are led by a team of Elders who preach, teach, and lead the ministries of our church.
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